Very Awesome but not as good as freelancer

This is a really awesome game but a bit of a let down after freelancer especially because its sooo similar but freelancer is sooo awesome that its hard not to.
Fun gameplay brilliant gameplay I LUV THE TAUNTS thats just so hillarious nice graphics and sounds

But i think the main letdown is the lack of getting into the universe.
all of the systems are IDENTICAL (from what ive played which has only been about 5 hours) except for the sol system which doesnt count because its the earth system. Also you cant land on planets which i rly dont understand even earth so it means that planets dont bother putting in multiple planets or anything else specky. Also with the subtraction of the trade gates which i personally dont like but it does remove taking ages to travel so it does make the universes even more similar.
So the problem is you cant into the universe which is so kewl about space simulator games like freelancer

at the end of the day this is a hell kewl game fun as hell but lack of universe