Arabian Knight

I've always had a facination with the Arabian Nights tales ever since I was a kid I don't know why, may'be it was because of the civilization, culture, but mainly it would have to be the mysterious, adventurious, romantic spirit it always held. Whatever the reason this game had the joy of all of that and
has became one of my favorate video game series.

There really isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said so I'll make this brief. This game just has a lot of great things about it, I almost have nothing bad to say about it.

The graphics are great and were revolutionary at least for a while until the sequels improved upon them making them even more realistic. But I just loved the way they constructed the Arabian world from a time long gone, as well as the sand creatures, even the human characters are well animated most notably Feihr and Hannah. Music soundtrack is great has an otherworldly mysterous adventurous sometimes romantic tone to it, which fits this game like a glove.

The story is even very well done, it really feels like another Arabian Nights tale. The two characters Feihr and Hannah are supprising very well fleshed out I actually found myself actually care for the two, which I'll admit is rare in a video game and they both turned out to be my favorate characters in video game. Both just have good distenctive personas, Feihr is sort of a Han Solo like character arrogant, borderline selfish and selfless, has a rugged charm and mannerism, he's also sympathetic he aware he's made a mistake and is on a quest to making things right again. Hannah is great fem fatale, feisty, femine, independant, isn't a sterotypical damsel in distress she is very helpful she is an deadly accurate archer that can shoot arrows at your enemies during a fight your in, or help with puzzles and directions. The interplay between them is the typical hate to love relationship, but it's great who doesn't like tention in a romance. Those cut scenes in the game are just a joy to watch they don't slow the game up at all and are significant to the story, I found myself actually wanting to work up to see them. My favorate moment is the pool scene of course.

Ahem anyway, the controls are flawless they are responsive when you need them to be. From turning time back if you ever make a mistake, though my favorate feture is the wall run which is useful from going to point A and B, though it won't work on every obsticle so use it wisely and at the right times.

The combat sysem is great, the movements are fluid and obviously uses the Arnise Martial Arts cordination. And like in the old "Prince of Persia" series it's most famous for the trial and error puzzles. This is one of those game you may have to take your time with, most recent games always have that reckless notion of just simply rushing in from point A to B without worring about what's inbetween; this game you do have to worry. You have to use your wits and good old fashioned thinking throughout the game to figure out how to safely and properly get from point A and B. This might take some practice but the puzzles are soluable, you figure them out in very little time. And I'm glad that element in the game is there, it really reminded me of something I was missing in most recent games. Which is simply using your skill to win; that's something I used in most retro games I've played having that back in this game is a great feeling.

If there is one flaw with the game is that it's a little short, took me less than aobut a week to beat, I couldn't help but want a little more in the end. But same could be argured with other games out there, the ride may be short but a sweet ride all the same. And I wouldn't fret too much on this fact since sequels followed.

"Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" isn't just a game but a great adventure.