All that and a bag of chips is what Capcom delievers with the next installment in the Battle Network series.

User Rating: 8.6 | Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar GBA
As all Mega Man Battle Network games go, many fans disagree with one another on which one is the best Battle Network game out there. Perhaps this time, all the fans will be unanimous in their decision of the best Battle Network game.

Rockman.EXE 6: Cyber Beast Faltzer and Cyber Beast Greiga goes beyond the basic depth that the first four games set as the standard, and even more so than fifth game. In the sixth installment, you’ll find the main protagonist Netto (Lan) Hikari and his family moving away to a new town because of his fathers work. Being the new kid doesn’t always pay seeming Netto will go through the tribulations of having detention, being picked on by the class bully, etc. You’d think after seven times of saving the world, they would be grateful to him. Apparently not.

The control scheme is, simply put, the exact same from all the original games, including the mandatory tutorial session. Capcom, I think after six games, we know how to fight viruses. You’ll be able to put your programming to the test with the Navi Customizer which mostly has the same programs from the last game. However with some newly added programs, like the Search Shuffle, a program that allows you to have a shuffle button just like you had when you were in the Soul Unison Search Soul.

Eventually you’ll be able to take on a form of whichever version you play. Greiga Beast allows players to take damage without flinching while Faltzer Beast gives players the ability to move around the field without having to worry about holes in the battle field. When charging a neutral battle chip, they both rush to the nearest enemy and slice them up. However, these Beast Forms aren’t always the best strategy. Once you activate it, you have up to three turns to defeat the enemy. If you don’t, you’ll activate a Beast Over, similar to using a Dark Chip in the previous games.

Soul Unisons were thrown out and instead players can acquire Navi Crosses. Very similar to Soul Unisons however the Navi Cross system allows player to indefinitely combine Rockman’s (Mega Man’s) powers with another Navi. Each version has different navi’s that Rockman can cross with as well as the ability to combine the Navi Cross with the Beast Form, adding a whole new depth to combat.

If you’ve been trying to find other people to play a Rockman game with, than fret no further. Rockman.EXE 6 is also compatible with the Game Boy Advance wireless adapter. Much like Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS, you can type in your name and a comment, and then hit to the wireless multi-player realm to have net battles, one round, best two out of three, and random, comparing libraries, and trading. Rockman.EXE 6 will also be compatible with the regular link cable, but it’s nice to see the pace changed to the wireless adapter.

Rockman EXE 6 is a fun game to play and the story plays right along as the original three games did. The combat is fun and strategic than ever while continuing on the story. All in all, this game is not perfect, but it does deliver more new and exciting additions to the series than ever before.