If you played previous MMBN games, then it's okay to skip this one. They are much better that MMBN 4 Red Sun.

User Rating: 6 | RockMan EXE 4: Red Sun GBA
The 4th installment in the Megaman Battle Network series and really has nothing to offer that previous games haven’t offered already. I admit that I don’t like the Megaman Battle Network series as much as I do the original, X, and Zero series but this game is worst than the first 3 games of the series, which I think were average. The Megaman Battle Network series never had a great storyline but they were much better than MMBN 4 Red Sun’s storyline. In Red Sun, we get news that a meteor is headed for earth. It’s up to Lan and Megaman.exe to save the day. I know, it sounds lame, seeing how on earth a net navi is suppose to stop a meteor but with Capcom there’s always a way. Of course the storyline builds up as you advance further in the game but it is still not a good story. MMBN 4 Red Sun is an action RPG where you have certain chips that you can play out during battle. Sort of like a card battle game. One new feature to this game is the Double Soul combination, which is like the style changes from MMBN 3 except you acquire the “soul” of another navi and gain its abilities. Oh, and your custom changes as well. Another addition to the game is the Dark Chips. The dark chip enhances your abilities greatly but at a cost. You can also link up MMBN 4 to Megaman Zero 3 (now you can see why I have the game in the first place). Other than that, the game has nothing else to offer. As for the gameplay of the game, it’s the same as the previous games of the series. One good thing about this game is the graphics. I admit that MMBN 4 has one of the best graphics I’ve seen for the GBA. Sound is another story, where you only here the beeps and explosions. Nothing great. The game does have replay value but after going through it the first time, it might not be fun at all to do it a second time, unless you’re a hardcore Megaman fan. Overall, the game has nothing to offer that past games haven’t had. Hopefully, MMBN 5 will be better or you can always stick to the other Megaman series. I hate to do this to a Megaman game but it deserves a 6.0.