Mega Man: Battle Chip Challenge Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Secret Boss

    Complete the Yami Net Area survival tournament. At the 100th battle, Forte GS will appear and attack you. Defeat him to obtain his chip.

  2. Secret tournaments

    You need to complete the regular game by clearing tournament class S to unlock tournament classes X to Z.

    Code Effect
    Complete class S (Master Tournament). Class X (Shadow Tournament)
    Complete class X. Class Y (Ashura Tournament)
    Complete class Y. Class Z (Chaos Tournament)
    Complete Class Z. Yami Net Area (Survival)
  3. Getting the Data chips

    Code Effect
    Talking to Higsby for 20 times Data chip 1
    Finish the Ajina Free battle Data chip 2
    Finish S class Data chip 3
    Finish the 128 tournament Data chip 4
  4. Misc. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Beat Tournament 16 BigBomb
    Beat Tournament 16 FireRat
    Beat Tournament 16 TimeBom3
    Beat Tournament 16 FrntSnsr
    Beat Tournament 16 DblSnsr
    Beat Tournament 16 Recov200
    Beat Tournament 16 Anubis
    Beat Tournament 16 UnderSht
    Beat Tournament 32 Geyser
    Beat Tournament 32 LavaDrgn
    Beat Tournament 32 GodStone
    Beat Tournament 32 OldWood
    Beat Tournament 32 DropDown
    Beat Tournament 32 AntiFire
    Beat Tournament 32 AntiElec
    Beat Tournament 32 AntiWatr
    Beat Tournament 64 Kunai3
    Beat Tournament 64 Atk+30
    Beat Tournament 64 Fire+40
    Beat Tournament 64 Aqua+40
    Beat Tournament 64 Wood+40
    Beat Tournament 64 Elec+40
    Beat Tournament 64 Navi+40 (rare)
    Beat Tournament 128 BlckHole
    Beat Tournament 128 Popup
    Beat Tournament 128 HeatGuts
    Beat Tournament 128 ElecTeam
    Beat Tournament 128 WoodShld
    Beat Tournament 128 AquaCust
  5. Misc. Passwords

    Enter this on the Data page where you enter passcodes:

    Code Effect
    Name: LAN Code: NG75-H5RF-R0MN-440N-2QX(club symbol)-X341 Fight Lan
    Name: LAN Code: 5(star)4H-B81R-(star)KKZ-P15X-ZS5B-(club)XK0 Get HubStyl Chip
    Name: DEX Code: FD(star)3-3JW1-PS(star)V-(diamond)01(diamond)-(heart)6R(clubs)-1J32 Fight Dex
    Name: KAI Code: M(star)SP-3(heart)(diamond)C-6KGQ-(heart)9FM-X0N(heart)-M(diamond)P1 Fight Kai
    Name: MARY Code: CX4(star)-1G(spade)9-5JKL-S(clubs)GD-3L5B-90Z1 Fight Mary
    Name: MAYL Code: 8NT8-JZFL-3Q9D-7RPX-T(diamond)CH-JX51 Fight Mayl
    Name: CHAU Code: 93(clover)5-WXNH-9MWT-(star)VX8-DY7M-88H0 Fight Chaud

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