Should have stayed lost!

Why oh Why did I not listen to the listen voice inside me that said "Don't do it Syco, remember CSI. Film and Movie tie in's are pants! Think Spiderman 3 and King Kong" Don't do it!!!" But nooooooo way would Ubisoft let us down with a game tie in of the cutting edge TV show, they wouldn't dare! Oh but but they did Syco, they did! The ONLY good point about this game is the graphics! They look great!! The game is short, boring and irritating on soooooo many levels. The constant cut scenes and then loading and then short roamin 'action' and then loading and then boring needless Q&A and then loading and then roaming and picking up coconuts just grates on your nerves. GOD knows who they drafted in to the voices too as they're utterly pants! lesson well and truly learned now! DO NOT BUY A TIE IN GAME ANYMORE SYCO!

If your a fan of the show go spend your money on a DVD boxset instead of this shocking cash in.