review 78 mega man 8

User Rating: 1.5 | RockMan 8: Metal Heroes (Saturn Collection) SAT
hi i am classicgamejunk and i cannot enter Dr.wilys castle until i
review mega man 8 and 9 and for some reason not 10.i don't know lets a review mega man 8.this game was made for the 10th
anniversary of mega man.i cant imagine seeing mega man 11 oh god mega man is like 25 years old right now and he its a guy laying
on a couch thinking of the old nes games and not this.mega man 8.
the worst mega man game ever besides maybe the mega man
battle network i will not review them.i review old games
and sometimes new if it gets heavily what disturbs
me about this game.clown man.yeah you heard of junk man sheep
man and oh god i cant even tell you how bad hard man now
what is so bad about clown man.his main weapon is go go down
the screen and then his hands pop up only near you and he is trying
to grab you.what the heck.anyway enough about clown man what else is wrong with this is the same thing.shoot robot get
power shoot robot get power.yeah i know i keep on saying that but
that flaw takes up 50 percent.its boring.the controls are just okay
and well all the bosses lake and are lazy ideas and clown mans
power up when you get it my god its horrible even worse then wood
mans weapon.i know i am nitpicking well i am not nitpicking it to
me is a complete mess and therefore i do not recommend this
game.its horrible worse then E.T. okay i take that back.see you
next time for mega man 9!