Pure Greatness! Too bad it's short though.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mega Man 8 Anniversary Edition PS
Megaman 8 is the perfect example as to why 3D isn't always better than 2D! The game is a great improvement over Megaman 7 and is by far the best installment in the classic series!

Story: In the year 20XX a mysterious meteorite crashed on earth.
Dr Light then received a massive energy reading coming from the crash site.
During that time Megaman caught himself in a small fight with Bass but was then interrupted by Roll under Dr Light's request that Megaman should go and secure the meteorite and retriever it, however once Megaman arrived Dr Wily already beat him to it and escaped, Megaman also found an unconscious robot and decided to bring him back to Dr Light for repairs.
Fearing that these energy sources can be a great threat in Dr Wily's hands Megaman decided to search for Dr Wily and if possible learn more about the energy sources.

Game design: The graphics are amazing! Environments, as well as characters and enemies are well animated and were given appropriate sizes as opposed to the last game.
The game was also given Anime Cut scenes, though they are short.
You get to select stages with their own robot masters, the stages are a lot longer, each having 2 sectors before getting to a boss.
You can collect bolts and use them to develop parts and upgrades in Dr Lights Lab which can be very handy.
You can now save your game using the memory card so no more password memorization.

Game play: Megaman plays as usual, jumping, shooting, sliding and platforming. Megaman will gain a new weapon called Mega-ball which is useful for attacking enemies beyond jump height reach, but it consumes energy.
Beating a boss will reward you with new weapons, which can be in great use during both boss fights and stages; you can also develop new weapons in Dr Light's Lab.
Rush also makes a return with new adaptions but you can't exactly use him by free will.
You will be given a time limit to use Rush, once time runs out Rush will be gone and can't be used again until the next stage.

Sound: Megaman as well as other characters and robot master were given voice actors. Dialogues during anime cut scenes are a bit dull, and their stiff lines suggests they didn't bother practicing before officially publishing it making the quality quite poor, however voices during game play are really great.
The music in the game is great too.

Megaman 8 is simply a great achievement, though the dull voice actors in the anime cut scenes are disappointing, the animes are still great to watch.
The game play is incredibly fun and easy to learn.
Even though you can go back to stages in an attempt to collect bolts for upgrades the game is still short, considering the Playstation could have handled more than 8 bosses.
Despite some disappointments Megaman 8 is a great example of why platformers is better off 2D and should definitely give it a try.