Not among the best Mega Man games, but fun enough.

User Rating: 6.5 | Mega Man 8 Anniversary Edition PS
Mega Man 8 is generally regarded as one of the weaker Mega Man games, though some have it as their favorite, anyway, I liked it, had fun, but I wasn't too impressed, I don't really know what threw me off. The difficulty is way too easy save for the Wily stages which balance things out, the third Wily stage has some aggrevating jumping sections, they really annoyed me with those, it has to be pitch perfect, also, the snowboarding sections can be tricky, sometimes you press jump and it's too late evn though it doesn't look like it, it feels like the game doesn't respond to the controller inputs. Some of the bosses look decent, others look pretty lame, but most of them are fun to fight, even though they are very easy. With the easy difficulty the game is very short, like most titles in the MM franchise. They try to make things a little more challenging by not giving you subtanks or letting you upgrade your health bar by finding items. However when you lose you get all your weapons energy back. The game looks so...cutesy, more like a Rayman game than a Mega Man game, it's bright and colourful, perhaps a bit too much, I do prefer this game's sprites over the huge ones that were found in MM7. The voice acting is awful as usual, the anime cutscenes look good, but you may want to turn the volume down a bit. So, I had fun while playing it, but I would not rank it among the best ones in the series.