This game is just a pure classic. It feels and plays just like the old mega-man games.This Megaman game was the best in the long line{between megaman 1 until 8} if mega man games, the Mega man 8 on Sega Saturn just had different music on one stage.the boss fights are hard but fun and the levels look great and they are all different in some way. the game isn't very short but there isn't much replay,there's 8 bosses. overall megaman 8 deserves to be in anyones collection . oh yeah it's about Mega Man strong reploid . Dr. Wily, mad scientist-type-guy that he is, has made a bunch of crazy robots with different weapons. Our hero, Mega Man, starts out with his wimpy laser-cannon and has to take on the bad robots one at a time. After defeating one of Wily's minions, Mega gains the weapon of his fallen foe. the ability of the 8 boss