The Saturn version of MM8 is totally worth owning for it's exclusive content. Just pay over $100 for it.

User Rating: 8.5 | RockMan 8: Metal Heroes (Saturn Collection) SAT
Highs: Excellent 2D visuals, excellent bonus content, solid gameplay, wonderful j-pop opening for the Japanese version, better music on Tengu Man's stage, excellent controls, shop has many items to choose from, excellent and challenging stage design, challenging but not frustrating boss battles, Japanese voice acting is excellent, a must have for Sega Saturn collectors.

Lows: Snowboarding sections are frustrating as all hell, Aqua Man's stage can be a nightmare at times, English voice acting is a joke, Mega Man feels a bit too heavy, Saturn version is very rare and expensive as complete U.S. copies usually go for around $150-200, and Japanese copies go for around $60-90.

Verdict: Hands down the most underrated Mega Man game of all time.

After 7 past entries in the series and Mega Man's 10th birthday coming up, Capcom decided to celebrate their blue bomber's big b-day with a big game. That was Mega Man 8, the only main series MM game of the 32-bit era, released in 1997 for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. In MM8, you play as Mega Man, as he must put an end to Dr. Wily's plans for world destruction once again and of course, save the world. if you've played classic Mega Man games before, you're in familiar territory already. 8 plays similar to past entries of the series so longtime vets should easily get used to this one. The controls are very good and easy to get used to. The stage design is challenging but not too frustrating, as each stage will test your skills to the max, most notably Astro Man's stage, which is pretty much a gigantic maze. The Japanese version of MM8 has a better intro than the U.S. version as it has the excellent j-pop song "Electrical Communication" by Ganasia, and a better ending song called "Brand New Way", also by Ganasia. There is a shop in the game where you can upgrade your Mega Buster, plus buy an option to start with 4 lives and more, and if you get all 40 bolts, you can buy everything in the shop. The Japanese voice acting is excellent, as the voice actors seem to care about their characters. The graphics are outstanding, and it's better on this version because the Saturn does 2D near perfect. The Saturn version has exclusive content such as an art gallery, better music on Tengu Man's stage, and Cutman and Woodman as exclusive bosses that you'll run into when you get to the halfway point and further into the game. The exclusive content instantly makes the Saturn version the definitive version of Mega Man 8, and this is a must have for serious Sega Saturn collectors, but it isn't without problems. The snowboarding sections are very frustrating, as each obstacle is very unpredictable and you aren't given enough time to react to what's coming up, also Aqua Man's stage is very difficult as underwater levels are usually very frustrating in games. The English voice acting is terrible, like the famous "Dr. Wahwee" line when the voice actor for Dr. Light pronounces Dr. Wily's mane wrong, and around this time period, it seems that English voice actors only cared about their paychecks. Mega Man feels a bit too heavy as you're controlling him, as his jumps are a little weak, and last but not least, finding the Saturn version is a pain, as complete copies for the U.S. version usually go for around $150-200. The Japanese Saturn version isn't cheap either, as copies usually go for around $60-90. Overall, Mega Man 8 for the Saturn is a game worth buying, despite it's high price on EBay and Amazon. This is an underappreciated gem that was picked on for almost all the wrong reasons, and there is way more to like about Mega Man 8 then there is to hate.