Mega Jump Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Play for the first time Earned Your Wings
    Reach 10,000 feet Under the Radar
    Reach 25,000 feet Frequent Flyer
    Reach 50,000 feet Spirit in the Sky
    Reach 100,000 feet Kiss the Sky
    Reach 250,000 feet Space Oddity
    Reach 500,000 feet Rocket Man
    Reach 1,000,000 feet Mile High Club
    Walk 10 laps Ramblin Man
    Engage the Umbrella powerup Gentle Descent
    Engage the Winged Boots powerup Spring in Your Step
    Engage the Magnet powerup Attractive
    Engage the Balloon powerup Buoyant
    Engage the Fireball powerup Great Balls of Fire!
    Engage the Super Fireball powerup Supernova
    Engage the Shield powerup Linebacker
    Engage the Lucky Blast powerup Fortunate Explosion
    Engage the Anti-Gravity Boots powerup Running Up Walls
    Engage the Super Magnet powerup Irresistable
    Avoid 10 enemies in a single game Survivor
    Collect 1,000 coins in a single game Chump Change
    Collect 2,500 coins in a single game Golden Boy
    Collect 5,000 coins in a single game Pot of Gold
    Collect 10,500 coins in a single game We're in the Money
    Collect 100 stars in a single game Star Gazing
    Collect 250 stars in a single game Shooting Star
    Collect 500 stars in a single game Starry Night
    Collect 1,000 stars in a single game Starstruck
    Hold the game sideways for too long. Tilt!
    Tap on your character while you had the Balloon powerup! Gassy
    Complete a stage without using any powerups! Hardcore
    Make it to Stage 2 Treetop Village
    Make it to Stage 3 City of Mists
    Make it to Stage 4 Burning Sands
    Make it to Stage 5 Thunder Clouds
    Make it to Stage 6 Silvery Moon
    Make it to Stage 7 Starry Sky
    Make it to Stage 8 Edge of Space
    Make it to Stage 9 Comet Nebula
    Make it to Stage 10 Galactic Core
    Reach the infinite infiniteness of infinity. Infinite
    Give your Mega Code to someone and have them use it! Spread the World
    Enter a friend's Mega Code! Friendly

    Contributed by: psxsquall