At first glance it is just the re-polish Rome Total War.But when you start play the game.......

User Rating: 9.2 | Medieval II: Total War PC
Everything has changed not just the era but also gameplay,sound effect,character animation and managing empire.There is no dobut about that M2TW one of the great RTS game but you can't also deny the fact that it is also a great turn-based strategy game.The graphic may be re-polished but it is highly detailed with better effect and animation.The building are better looking in M2TW.The character now have better colour mixture not just one colour shirts found in ROME Total War.The battle system is unchanged but it is more sophisticated with better graphic.The turn-based strategy map is the one that show the most obvious change in M2Tw.The graphic engine remain but the system how to run your empire has changed.IT is one of the good looking game around.When you start play the game make sure when you have to stop if not so it will drag you whole night.