Had high hopes for this game.

Avatar should be a good game but it is not.After playing this for an hour I am still on level two for one reason the controls are screwed up.The first one was sucky very very sucky.This game is a small bit better than the first one but is not what I ever had in mind for an Avatar Wii game.First off you have limited attacks in the first two levels.I`ve played the Appa`s Adventures at my friends house it was actually pretty good.It is the only goodness of Avatar The Burning Earth.I recomend you rent this game first if you really really want to try it out but DONT BUY IT.You will be dissapointed.Also if one of your friends has the game you should try it there so you don`t waste ten dollars.I`ll do a short little description of each part of the game

The chel-shaded graphics actually look ok but the first one had better graphics

How you have small attacks and some controls are messed up makes bad gameplay.

When you attack the sounds through the remote are ok but the music is just terrible

That`s my review.Don`t buy it.