The game that put survival horror on the map

Resident Evil is probably one of the strongest series for Playstation and is still going strong 15 years later, although it isn't the same as it was back then. Hordes of enemies wouldn't rush your cocky character who had 3 guns in his inventory fully loaded nor the ability to view your character behind the shoulder. Back then, that is what was referred to as real survival horror, when ammo was hard to find and had to be savored because enemies didn't randomly drop it when killed. The concept was new at the time, you basically are locked in a giant mansion with zombies and other monsters. You have a gun, knife, and healing items, and you must progress through the mansion using keys and items to progress to the next area of the mansion. You encounter many zombies and mini bosses on the way and ammo is only limited and found in select areas, and same goes for healing items, and even the ability to save is limited. Resident Evil is a game that challenges the player, and return rewards the player for taking risks and playing smart. Once you beat the game, you can unlock various costumes, new guns. Of course, the Director's Cut and remake do offer more modes and unlockables. Still, this game is the original and may not be as expansive or advanced, but it is what started one of the greatest series in gaming and still is a challenge today, and defiantly worth playing. The graphics are good for the time, the voice acting is cheesy enough to be funny, the plotline is actually interesting, and the gameplay is superb.