Its half-life, but sadly very,very,very short. Really easy end boss fight at the end.

The game picks off where half-life 2 ended, with *Spoiler Alert* The citadel going *BOOM* and as you and Alyx Vance fly down to the hard,merciless, floor. However, some vortigaunts save you with usual vortigaunt magic. You awaken with the citadel getting close to an all-out meltdown. After saving that you continue to make your escape from city-17, because unfortunately the citadel is simply delayed from going meltdown. The game can easily be finished in 10 hours worth of play, and the boss fight at the end is pathetically easy. Why is it so easy? BECAUSE IT IS A STANDARD ENEMY FROM HALF-LIFE 2. True, a very hard enemy, but still, A STANDARD ENEMY. However, the game as a whole is still half-life 2 quality, and at the start you immediately get to play with what is perhaps the best weapon of half life, and could easily make a top 10 chart of best video game weapons. You also temporarily get a super-upgrade for it that will make you laugh as enemies are turned into dust before your wrath.