truly a great game

User Rating: 10 | Medieval II: Total War PC
medieval 2 total war is a must buy with a rating of 8.8 you know is must be good. it spans from 1080 to 1530 with 21 fractions 15 of them are playable

The total war serious have allways exited me but not as much as this one did i got it two years ago and I still play it because it is just a work of art.

in medieval 2 total war you command thousands of men to victory or death, medieval 2 total war is not just about war its about espionage, ecomany and religion. espionage is when you command spys and assassins to kill an enemy general or spy on a enemy town. Ecomany is pretty much the support of the military without a good ecomany you won,t have a good miltary, To improve you ecomany you can build,more farms, get more population so you can get more taxes from the citzerns which will fill you with money, and religion one of the most important things if your a catholic nation, because if you go against the pope's word you will be banned from your religion and all the catholic nations will be able to declare crusades on your territory

The good realistic battles, lots of fractions to chose from, epic 3d battles, hours of gameplay and great sieges.

The bad needs lots of computer requirements, lags alot and Al are very hard

medieval 2 total war lives up to its name it is total war