Right now,i wish they remake final fantasy 7....

The instant i saw the game trailer i knew i must play this game,even though am a little late because i only started a week ago,but i finished it 5 AM in the morning yesterday!!.As you all know this game is a prequel to Final Fantasy 7,you play as Zack Fair a 2nd class SOLDIER....,anyway what am trying to say is.....this game is an awesome experience both to FF fans and the newcomers to the series,but i think the people who have played FF7 will enjoy this more.This game will answer many unanswered questions and trigger more along the way,like in the end,they wrote 'to be continued in final fantasy 7',from what i saw in the game from the great gameplay to the mail system to the awesome CGI movies(especially the one with Sephiroth,Genesis And Angeal on top the huge canon)and the great ending which made me very emotional,i found myself wanting SquareEnix to remake FF7 because i know they will add extra things to it to make it as special and unique as the original FF7.


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