Great online play and Reasonable offline game play. A good game but feels a bit empty and similar in places

User Rating: 7 | Medal of Honor PS3
An action packed game set in Afghanistan, as you play as soldiers in the campaign in Afghanistan. Theres plenty of action in the game, but in places feels a bit empty. Its hard to explain but it doesn't really seem to have the kick in it that other games do. I think in a way its trying to be too much like Call of duty which isn't always a good thing (and in my opionion isn't a good thing) Anyway on to the main review.

Game play- you play as 3 seprate squads in Afghanistan and do 1 level as a Helicopter pilot. Their missions are all seprate and play diffrently from special ops kinda of missions to full out fighting. There isn't that many weapons on the game and areas seem to be very well similar through out the game with no real change of Scenary through out the game. The game does have some great action like taking out enemies with a sniper riffle from another mountain, Guiding aircrafts shots destroying enemy positions and sneaking around mountains.

The online made by DICE, is very good, EA brought DICE makers of battlefield in to make the games online, the online is very good and plays similarly to Battlefield bad company 2 but doesn't feel as great.

Graphics and sound- The graphics aren't bad at all though some levels are very dark and don't offer amazing visuals. There are some great Visuals in the mountains and some great sights. The sound is clear and realistic with good voice acting

Replay value- Well the game like other generic FPS games is pretty short, each level has a challenge to do unlocking you a trophy which can get you some more replay out of your game, along with the Tier 1 mode which is like a online speed run of levels which can add to playability of the single player game. The online plays well and can offer lots of playabilty.

+ Great sniping levels
+ Great online

- Short
- Not many weapons