Even with a 200MB day one patch, MoH WF is a major disappointment. Definitely not recommendable.

User Rating: 3 | Medal of Honor: Warfighter PS3
Seeing the game on the store shelf made me want to buy this game. I was so stupid to not wait for the reviews and bought it. I thought "Hey, since they released a massive update patch, they must have fixed all the errors". Well surprisingly they didn't, after playing the game pre patch and post patch I can safely say the update did jack s***. It seems that Danger Close just made up a list of common errors thinking that we would fall for them actually fixing them. I found some massive frame rate issues on graphic heavy levels, which is surprising because as a console the PS3 shouldn't have this problem when BF3 works oh so well. On one level where I was driving a boat I experienced some random textures of walls popping out of nowhere making it impossible to see where I was going. Beside this I pushed through to experience a lackluster campaign with a confusing plot that had so many flashbacks that it makes Inception easy to comprehend. Forgot to mention the world's tiniest text for a video game ever!

rnrnSo I turned to multiplayer hoping the glitches didn't plague it, I was so wrong. I started by picking the Canadian JTF2 and fought against players choosing a different soldier only to witness the worse balancing in weapons ever. My gun was like a peashooter compared to there's! It took me 5 shots to kill an enemy while it took them 2. In addition the respawning is terrible, if you wait to respawn on a teammate while they are near the enemy the time remaining goes on a loop from 4.3 seconds to 5 seconds! How hard was it to say "Unable to spawn: Teammate in battle"? Also when I did spawn in the default area I fell through the floor dying instantly! With texture pop-ins and objects appearing out of nowhere it seems that Danger Close couldn't program a decent level.rnrnI was thoroughly disappointed for MoH to fall so hard from where it once was. It seems Danger Close rushed to release a game to compete with COD Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 and fails to do so. It is massively glitchy and unpolished; it would probably take several updates for it to look like a finished product. I recommend to just stay with BF3 or MW3 (whatever FPS you prefer really) and save your money on a different game, like Borderlands 2. I'm being serious, STAY AWAY.

rnrnRating:rnGameplay: 2.5/10rnAudio: 8.5/10 (One of the only good aspects)rnGraphics: 8.5/10rnControls: 4.5/10rnOverall Value: 3.0/10