Really dissapointed.

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I played MoH in 2010 and really enjoyed the 1 shot 1 kill bolt action sniper rifle soo much that i could not wait for the next medal of honor and now.....My excitement is shattered into the reality that call of duty will be the only game with 1 shot 1 kill sniper rifles. Not that call of duty is a bad game, i love them all but the maps that MoH and BF3 supply are large and beautiful for sniping!. The problem is, it is not fun to snipe if you cannot get 1 shot 1 kills!. Looks like Call of duty will dominate the multiplayer shooter genre for another year for me. I don't play shooter's for the campaign at all, I play them for the in your face competitive nature and using a assault rifle all of the time in EA's game's lately is super duper boring.
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Uh... Sorry, but being shot in the leg shouldn't one shot/kill me. It's just stupid. Learn to aim for the head. Because, really, your complain is... stupid.
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Well a shot in the leg from a sniper rifle would most likely mean that you can't walk anymore so you'd be lying down disabled probably ending dead so all in all it's kind of a one shot kill. Just saying.
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LoL exactly^^. Im still buying MOH in hopes that maybe a 1 shot 1 kill sniper rifle is unlockable but if its not ill just trade it in towards black ops 2. This complaint is necessary and nowhere near stupid, if your hit with a sniper your not going to live and what ive seen from the open beta it's taking sniper's 2-3 shots to kill, the same amount as an assault rifle. If that were any kind of reality than sniper rifles would have been discontinued years ago in the military.
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call of duty will be the only game with 1 shot 1 kill sniper rifles. .playaflyin
If you have played BF3 you would know that there are 1 shot 1 kill rifles in the game.... right? I get them all the time.