Multiplayer Launch Trailer = Game Changer

#1 Posted by jagreen73 (170 posts) -

After all the panic over the Beta - the launch trailer I think answers a lot of questions.

The visuals look great - sun glare, lens 'grime,' flashover from explosions and awesome particle effect / micro-destruction - all there. Take a good look, its in the details. The HD pack looks to be in effect, same as BF3.

The action looks intense with good balancing on the maps. I liked the way BF3 handled it with large maps that could be segmented for different game modes. Looks like they've done the same thing.

Myself, I anticipate at least as a good a story as the 2010 MOH which means it will smoke most FPS military shooters. The scenes, storylines and tactics in the last one were excellent.

Looking good.

#2 Posted by SnakeEyesX80 (2134 posts) -

Here's the thing: We've all fallen prey to the bait-and-switch tactics of certain publishers. THQ did a good job of making everyone believe the trailers were showing console footage for Homefront when it was PC the entire time. Same with Bethesda and Brink. Even BF3 to a lesser extent did not resemble the trailers that were obviously running on Ultra settings on a PC.

Now I guess it could be the consumers fault as well for believing everthing they see and making false assumptions, but I think they (the publishers) know what they're doing by not stating which system those trailers are being pulled from. Sort of like a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, but I pretty much expect MoH:W to at least not look any worse than BF3 on consoles.