is this game worth 60 dollars

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What do you think

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OP is clearly trolling. How could anyone ever justify spending full retail on this crap?
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Actually its a pretty solid game, just everyone's main complaints are pretty much nothing new considering the aging systems. And a somewhat true event story thats only 3 hours long.

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Not even close. If anything it's only worth the 1-3 weeks worth of time you play it for until Assassin's Creed 3, Halo 4, or the new Call of Duty comes out and then never touch it again. Having played it and nearly maxing out my character on multiplayer I would say it's worth maybe 10 bucks max.

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for me it was, I got it because MS store had a deal where you get a $10 store credit and $20 in MS points so $30 in stuff for free for getting it (way better promotion than anything GameStop has done), plus when I went to buy it they had the Bing It On challenge at the MS store and just for doing what took a couple minutes I got another $25 gift card, so yeah it was worth it to me, plus I'm actually enjoying it, not GREAT but still fun, I like how the firefights feel fierce and the guns feel like they pack a punch anyhow, probably not worth $60 now, especially considering it's cold reception all around it'll probably be in the bargain bin in not too much time, if you just spend $60 on it now you'll hate yourself when you see it much less in coming weeks
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You shouldn't get it because the (friendly)AI is the most stupid thing you will ever see. Every firefight your in you have a guy a few meters from you cause your "team" doesnt shoot him when he walks in the open infront of them. I have even seen plenty of times that my guys will just walk past the enemy, with me following them thinking its clear, just to have an enemy shoot me in the face.

Good points are the guns, they really feel powerfull. And the driving bits where pretty cool imo. gfx are good too. just as good as BF3.

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Watch my gameplay vid

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I really like the multiplayer. I enjoyed the story. I wouldnt have payed more than $30 though