Check out the Driving Sequences

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This is by far one of the best parts of this single player campaign especially the first driving mission. Framerate, graphics, car physics, sound effects, it's all here. Great job!!! I wish there were more of these types of missions.

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Could not disagree with this statement more. For me personally nothing sucks the enjoyment out of a video game more then a cardboard cutout driving sequence. After all I did purchase a first person shooter, one would almost instinctively believe that i wanted to, oh I don't know, shoot people. If games are meant to be a form of escapism, then why am I doing something that I've done for the past 12 years day in day out (Driving a car, a car no less). While I'm not so naive that I don't see the excitement and spectacle that comes with the aforementioned sequences, I can't help but feel that the developers are taking the controller out of my hands when they present me with one of these linear uninspired driving levels. Although personally if you ask me the biggest insult this campaign offers is the fact that there are three levels that can be completed in no less then a minute a piece. what a farce.
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i couldnt disagree with you any more. Out of all these games that establish some sort of driving mechanic, this one does it well especially considering its an FPS... not need for speed. All the previous games that would hint to allowing the player to drive was mediocre, felt flat, and was extremely linear. This game, you feel at least a hint of open endedness and the cars felt just right. The audio design behind this sequence was stunning and the action was well done especially in the second car sequence. I enjoyed it.