Sequel was announced, now is a better time then ever for a retro review.

Since the announcement of a sequel to Mirror's Edge, I have decided to do a review for the game. First off, if you know what your doing, the game doesn't take very long to beat at all. I actually finished my last play through in about 4 hours. However, that is not to say it is not worth the $60 I spent way back at launch in 2008 or the $15-$20 it is worth now. Mirror's Edge is one of the most unique experiences to grace the console.

Mirror's Edge focuses on the female protagonist named Faith, who is a Parkour Runner from a modern, cyber-punk city. Immediately just by looking at the box art, you are graced with a bright colour aesthetic that sticks with the game till it ends. Whites, reds, blues and greens luminate your surrounds as you run through your missions at a fluid speed; which is something that has been lost, expessally in the first person genre.

Mirror's Edge is also very skill based. Instead of looking for power-ups or items to make you better, the player themselves becomes better as you progress through the game. Which gives a great sense of accomplishment as you move through the chapters of the game. The controls work very well for the game, which allows for all of the players movement and skills to be easily implement once you become familiar with them. The combat works very well, allowing the player to disarm or use melee attacks to knock out the opponent. The weapons work when they are needed, but the game is not about the shooting so those flaws are hardly noticeable in the game.

The biggest flaw with Mirror's Edge comes with the story which is nothing out of the ordinary, however much of the games narrative is told through the world in the game. The player gets a real sense of the city being a good place to live but at the same time is twisted. However the game never explores those moments in details which is a shame seeming how DICE studio in Sweeden did such an amazing job making a beautiful world, and characters that inhabit it.

With so many genres being made from the first person perspective, it is easy to get lost with the amount we have. Mirror's Edge stands apart from all of them, being its biggest success and maybe its biggest flaw. Do yourself a favor and play through Mirror's Edge. Whether you buy it or borrow it from a friend, there still is great experience to be had.