The graphics are in MY OPINION are more realistic than Madden 07 on XBOX360, more polished, better player models, tight.

I can't believe what football gamers lost when we found out we were not able to play ESPN NFL 2K5 on the XBOX 360 console. This game is without any doubt, never mind. I can't even describe how much I have loved playing this game. I bought Madden (N)ow (F)or (L)ost people, and I admit used to be a Madden fan for about 10 years until I was bless with ESPN Fotball 2k1 . Madden football games are only classic not classy. They should have named the series Crappen football. No really, I not kidding. I love realism infootball games and that is what true football gamers want.
Let's keep it real. If it were truly in the game with Madden I would not be playing anything else.

Peace ya'll!