This still surprises gamers from today on how good the series was before its later titles started going downhill

User Rating: 8 | Medal of Honor Frontline PS2

There have been plenty of World War II games been done in the past so many times either based on real history or even based on fictional history like what if the Axis won the war. But at the time of 2002 Medal of Honor series were a huge hit for First-Person shooters and this was before Call of Duty stepped in and taken over for its main campaign and multiplayer. Medal of Honor: Frontline was the 4th game in the series based on Lt. Jimmy Patterson, from the American OSS Frontline takes place during the events of the first Medal of Honor if you've played it and follows Patterson's journey as he fights his way across Europe into Nazi Germany during World War II.

Like most FPS games you'll essentially go from mission to mission, being briefed either by text or by voice-over, and kill everything you see from Germans to tanks. While certain missions require you to say, sabotage vehicles, or disarm bombs on a bridge, this amounts to little more than walking up to the object and pressing the X button, which acts as a generic context-sensitive action button. Not saying that it's repetitive found most of the missions quite enjoyable but the problem that you might have is that you can't really jump that high or go over obstacles like a small fence you would have to go the scenic route to get around, there are ladders you can climb up and down and crawl into small hatches to get around each of the levels. Plus there are certain moments where you wish that this game could have had a little more stealth but you can sneak up from behind and knock enemies out by using the right analog stick to knock them out.

Yet I know that it's been over 10 years since it was released but it's problem that you might have is that certain levels can really be dark and gritty making it hard to see where everything is and it's textures can be a little muddy you don't have the option to change the display settings from dark to bright. But its level designs and environments are impressive giving you an idea what life must have been like during the events of World War II, yet like it's last games the music is yet the best part about Medal of Honor: Frontline and composed by Michael Giacchino. With fierce gun effects, and lots of good voice acting what more could you want?

Most of its missions do intend to being short from going from A to B when it comes to certain tasks but clearing each of the levels can take at least 15-30 minutes but beating the entire game can take you at least a good 7 hours or more pending on what difficulty you end up playing it on. World War II will always play a huge part on our history and of course in movies and stories but Frontline however does do a decent job for a FPS game based on actual events that did happen, so it's worth the time checking this game and taking a look back on the series before the rest of the series started to go downhill later in the years.