Star Wars: Empire At War - Great

The game is great. I agree with a lot of what most say that LucasArts finally did it a Real Time game in the Star Wars universe worth playing. The first attempt Rebellion was a lack luster game. It was good but not great. The replay factor was small, where as this game is so good, not only with the graphics but with the lack of micro management that can happen a lot with most real time games. Galactic Battlegrounds I felt I was playing Age of Empires, not real exciting, somewhat boring.

The major highlight of this game is the space battles, its probably the best part of the game. There is times that the space battles are some what difficult. The land battles are good, but somewhat easy. Basiclly if you come with a sizeable force you are going to win. The campaigns are ok, they can be at times slow and not exciting and can be at times easy.

I recommend this game for any Star Wars fans and for any RTS fans. I do not feel you will be disappointed with this game.

Overall I want to give this game a 9 and a .7 since its Star Wars