Chex Quest... an instant CLASSIC!!!

Sometimes parodies of video games are so ridiculous... but in this case... they really made it a hit instead! Chex Quest became an INSTANT CLASSIC for those people who loved DOOM. Based on the same engine... but with kids in mind. The only thing is that more adults were turned on to it than children! I happened to be one of them.
I too found myself rushing down to get a free copy of this game on the back of a Chex Cereal Box. Usually the free games offered are just demos and or are just plain a waste of your time. This was not the case here. I got home and don't remember eating the cereal... but quickly loaded up the game!
Non violent as you send the flemoids back to their world using your Spork, Zorcher, Super Zorcher and a great many other weapons... it just keeps you laughing the entire way thru. The levels were pretty big and the game was not short... even though you could finish it in one after noon.
For it's time it had great graphics being it looked more like a cartoon than a video game! Great sound effects, coupled with secrets all over the place... who could ask for more! Also they later had 2 additional expansion packs for download! Those were not even a let down as the game just kept getting better with each pack!
Still on my desk... and installed on my computer to this day... it is a game that you just can never get tired of! If you love Doom the original series... this is a must for you!