The Funest Ninja game ever? YES!

Tenchu Z is in its self a good game. There are a lot of things however that holds this game back. The graphics for one ,look good but not next-gen. The blood in the game is vary bad.( It looks like red balls coming out of the guy you killed.)

The sound is the normal stuff. Foot steps, Sword slashing, people dieing, Etc. It's not good nor bad, it's passable. But it seems to run the same menu song all the time. It gets really annoying after a while

The game play is classic Tenchu. Sneak ,kill, and repeat. It's not a bad thing if you're in to that kind of game play. (Like me) When you do a stealth kill it makes you smile. In an "I just Pwnd YOU!" kinda way. The Game play really isn't earth shattering. The Custom character setup is really fun. (I made Sub-Zero!) But it's way to shallow. The core game play hasn't changed since the first game, that's why it needs a much needed update. (The Xbox live achievements are a plus. It will make you play the game more than once. But you can get most of them by just playing through it once.)

The A.I is just stupid ,you could be 5 feet in front of the guard and he wouldn't see you, but then again it's a Tenchu game. So that's to be expected.

All in all this is a Good Old School Tenchu. It's mostly for fans. But if you want to be a ninja then this is your game.