Counter Strike: Terrorist killing fun for the whole family!

Counter Strike, is one of the greatest Half life mods to date. (That is with the exception of Day of Defeat, personally its still my favorite HL mod)
Counter Strike, gives the player a choice, to fight for terrorists, or the Counter Terrorists, the only main difference between the two is the character models, and weaponry.
Counter Strike (Often reffered to as CS) Offers very impressive and addictive gameplay. The desire to buy better weaponry makes the player work harder to defeat his enemies to earn money, and by having only one life per round demands the players to work together to annihilate the opposing team much like a real organization would.
With a large ammount of very different maps, and many different weapons, and having thousands of different players with different tactics and abilities makes the game very unrepedative, a major plus in my eyes.

Overall Counter Strike is a great game, and its very cheap, its about $10 if you buy from steam now, seeing as its a bit out dated, but hundreds of people, like me, still play it, so its well worth it.