Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Cheats For PC

  1. How To earn medals

    1st Medal: In the 1st Mission part 2; Rescue BOTH British and American POWs. Right after you pick up the explosives in the basement, go up the stairs next to the truck in the courtyard, from there you can find him. Make sure he stays alive, he's slow with his sniper rifle, so you can't run through the spotlights at 1 go; he will die! Take patience, and soon you will be rewarded.

    2nd Medal: In the second mission part 2, Maintain your cover at all times and steal the officers paper when you reach the habor, then enter the submarine, quietly taking out everybody, head all the way FRONT of the sub, the room after the missle, there will be a manifest( a paper) on the table, take it and complete the mission. Remeber to maintain cover until you blow up the sub.

    3rd Medal: In mission 3, Survive it, thats all, the mission is already hell.

    4th Medal: In mission 4 part 3; 2 tiger tanks outside the front manor, ready to blow up the allies. Look in the manor, all over the place for the bombs, as soon as you find them, plant those bombs on the tank.

    5th Medal: Mission 5 part 2, all 3 members of the tank crew must survive.

    6th Medal: As soon as you complete mission 5, you will be awarded with this medal.

    7th Medal: In mission 6, when you're in the train with the ranger, at least 6 rangers must survive(You don't count).

    Contributed by: muji 

  2. 3rd Person View

    Edit the shortcut just like above. Then when in-game press ~ and enter,

    toggle cg_3rd_person

    Contributed by: EvilKAPOO 

  3. Secret Level

    In the main menu, bring down the console, and type maplist, you will get a list of levels from the game, in it, there is a file called m4l0.bsp, double click on it to open a secret level.

    Contributed by: KMAN 

  4. Unlock all medals and missions

    Enter the following codes at the console:

    seta g_m6l1 ''1''
    seta g_m5l1 ''1''
    seta g_m4l1 ''1''
    seta g_m3l1 ''1''
    seta g_m2l1 ''1''

    seta g_eogmedal2 ''1''
    seta g_eogmedal1 ''1''
    seta g_eogmedal0 ''1''
    seta g_medal5 ''1''
    seta g_medal4 ''1''
    seta g_medal3 ''1''
    seta g_medal2 ''1''
    seta g_medal1 ''1''
    seta g_medal0 ''1''

    Contributed by: aaa 

  5. Skip Intro

    To skip the intro movies, edit the shortcut to the following:

    "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\MOHAA.exe" +set cl_playintro 0

    You can still have the cheats, just add this to the end.

    Contributed by: NeonGreen 

  6. The Dancing Germans

    In Mission 2, when you go undercover. Walk to the window in the room with guards playing cards. You will see two Germans talking down below. Hit the use key on the window and they will dance, do handstands and back flips.

    Contributed by: Duncanboy 

  7. Console Cheats

    Edit the shortcut to the game so it reads the following: ''C:LOCATION OF GAMEmohaa.exe'' +set developer 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 When in the game press ~ to display the console window. Put in one of the following cheats:

    Code Effect
    wuss Gives All Weapons
    dog God Mode
    fullheal Heal Player
    notarget Removes Target
    noclip No Clipping
    listinventory List of Player's Inventory
    tele x y z Teleport to Location (X Y Z are coordinates)
    coord Prints out current location and angles
    health Set current health
    kill Kills player

    Contributed by: XAnimal 

  8. Weapon Cheats

    Enter at console; Press "~"

    First enter without quotations " Give models/weapons/'weapon cheat'.tik"

    Replace 'weapon cheat' with the code desired

    "Give" will add weapon to inventory
    "Spawn" will spawn the weapon on the ground allowing you to pick up ammo

    Code Effect
    colt45 Colt 45
    m2frag_grenade Frag Grenade
    p38 Walther P38
    steilhandgranate Steilhandgranate
    m1_garand M1 Garand
    kar98 Mauser KAR 98K
    shotgun Shotgun
    bazooka Bazooka
    panzerschreck Panzerschreck
    bar BAR
    mp44 Stg 44
    thompsomsmg Thompson
    mp40 MP40
    springfield Springfield '03 Sniper
    kar98sniper KAR 98 Sniper

    Contributed by: Crazy_Asian_45 

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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Cheats For Macintosh

  1. Cheat Codes

    Start the game and hold down the SHIFT button right away. Then type in "+set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1". Then start in a mission and save the game. Then load the game you just saved and press ~ to bring up the console. Then type in the following to get it's corresponding action.

    Code Effect
    Dog Invincibility/God Mode
    wuss All weapons
    coord Gives location and coordinates
    noclip no clipping
    fullheal Heals player fully
    maplist Mission selection
    giveweapon "weapons/{chosenweapon}.tik" Get a specific weapon (replace {chosenweapon} with the weapon you want)

    Contributed by: Throbulator 

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