Medal of Honor Allied Assault: War Chest Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    Edit the shortcut of Allied Assault to read: ''C:LOCATION OF GAMEmohaa.exe'' +set developer 1 +set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 . Then go into the game and turn on the console and press ~. Type in the word to get it's corresponding cheat.

    Code Effect
    wuss All Weapons
    dog Invincibility
    Kill Kills Player
    listinventory Shows your player inventory
    noclip No Clipping
    Full Heal Heals Player Fully
    coord Shows location and coordinates
    notarget Removes aimer
    health Set health for player
    tele xyz Teleport to location (X, Y, and Z are places)
    toggle_cg_3rd_person Play the game in 3rd Person
    maplist Level selection
    notarget Removes aimer
    listinventory Shows your inventory
    giveweapon weapons/ Gives you a specific weapon