Jesus Christ!!! If its not Spy hunter: nowhere to run, then charlie and the chocolate factory has got to be the worst game ive ever played in my whole life!

If you`ve seen the film, i don`t need to mention the plot. So you start the game, you go to the main menu, looks promising enough. But, are you willing to bet that its going to get bad once you start playing? Yeah...

The opening cutscene looks fine, for graphics but then you start the game and you suddenly notice something is terribly wrong. The in-game graphics look like absolute s***.

You beat the first 2 levels which are walking and sliding down a slope on a garbage can lid (what the f***?) and you get the next cutscene which looks absolutly horrifying. WHY CAN`T THIS CUTSCENE LOOK LIKE THE FIRST!?!?!?!?!?!? Speaking of which, the only other cutscene like the opening is the ending one, the others are the horrifying sort (i won`t go into the details).

The first 2 proper levels are rediculasly easy. Why? Cause theres no way you can die! (well except for level 2 when you walk on the spikey vine floor.) There are no enemies until the 3rd level.

Theres one major problem i have with the gameplay: the game is BORING!

The game is shockingly easy. I beat the WHOLE game in less than 24 HOURS!!! I am being DEAD F***ING SERIOUS.

The sound is also horrible by the way.

To quote the angry video game nerd: i`d rather eat out the rotten a**hole of a road killed skunk than play this game ever again.

in other words, the game sucks, i want find the guy who even thought up this game and nail him to the f***ing cross

Final score:

Graphics: 0/5

Sound: 1/5

Gameplay: -1/5

entertainment: 0/5

Overall: 0/20