Great Concept, little delivered

User Rating: 4 | MechWarrior Online PC
After more than 2 years of development, MWO is really disappointing.
The core game is good (deathmatch) but the game lacks everything else. No lobby, basic Interface, no meta game (just matches after matches), no in-game help, just a *symbolic* tutorial, etc.
The game is fun to play for maybe a month then it's starting to be really repetitive as there is no goal or endgame.
So what you have now is more like a game in late alpha or early beta stage. It should not have been "released".
I would recommend to check the game in 4 or 6 months, if the developers deliver all the content they promised. The current developers seems to be unable to cope with the work involved in a major MMO development.
Another good solution would be the game being bought by another company, so we could finally get the game we are waiting for.