"Look at the brightside kid, you get to keep all the money"

User Rating: 7.5 | MechWarrior Online PC
Spent a lot of time playing this game, and while it is disappointing that certain features haven't been added yet, I think the developers will eventually pull through.

-Mechs are just as customizable as they've ever been and they all have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.
-12v12 matches are easy to get into and you can play with friends pretty easily
-Original voice actress for the computer
-Above average graphics that include the ability to look around the cockpit and use an external camera.
-Mechanics adhere to how battletech games have been designed in the past with heat mechanics, ammunition, detonations, jumpjets, etc.
-A sizeable handful of consumables, unlockables, skins, and equippables.
-Addition of training mode is a good thing.

-The in-game marketing of MC is slightly obnoxious (too much emphasis on hero mechs) and I would've preferred a standalone title to a free-to-play game.
-Simply not enough game modes, the game feels repetitive very fast.
-Most maps are visually unique and fun to play on, but there simply aren't enough of them right now and I would like to see more damage effects (i.e. buildings toppling over, rocks falling, etc)
-Certain configurations clearly become overpowered with each subsequent patch and it's often difficult for new players to comprehend and achieve.
-Matchmaking could be done more fairly with collective speed, firepower, pilot experience, and armor of all mechs factored into the equation somehow.
-Nightvision and thermal vision both need a lot of work.
-Crashes to desktop are fairly common and there's plenty of bugs still.
-The interfaces, particularly the mech lab, are not the least bit intuitive.

Hopefully by the time clan mechs start coming out the developers will have a lot more of the game completed, so I think this is still an exciting game even if it has a lot of problems for the time being.