I'm bored with this game

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I've done this before I quit for a while couple months but was curious to see if the game improved or anything like that...it did kinda but it's gotten too boring to be all that interesting. There is no story narrative. No reason why you are fighting the other team. Fixes are long in coming, very few maps that are all that good, too few mechs, the physics are not present, the graphics are not all that appealing.

This game needs an overhaul that it will never get. This needed to be a single player story, with mp as a side like most other games. This is why I dont like ftp games, it gives them a reason to charge money without the product actually being completed if ever.

So i think I'm just gonna be done with this, possibly for good.

I only tried that hawken game once was a faster version of this but that one was even more confusing to play, and frustrating. These kind of games would be awesome in a single player campaign, but they waste it on this mp only beta crap. It's never going to be finished not in a way that other games like Halo or cod are. It's not worth the money you are not sure if you will ever get your money's worth.

Bye mechwarrior franchise you had a good run a decade ago but you just couldn't compete with todays generation.  This is really disheartening for me, because I grew up playing these old mech games, they were fun, but they didn't stay with the times.  Now small devs are able to make money on product thats not the quality we deserve.  It's killing gaming in general.  

I'm not even sure I want to be part of the next gen, I'm not gonna get one right away if the games are truly awesome and bring in fresh life in gaming in general will be worth it, I'm a gamer, but I might just stick with the current and past gens from now on...Probably end up going into next gen and spending way more money than I should on it to be realistc and honest but I feel like gaming golden times are done for.  Games like perfect dark 64, the first halo, eternal darkness, classic resident evil are no longer made, the talent that went into those old games have disbanded long ago and just doing different things, the studios that used to make this stuff are a poor reflection of what they used to put out.

Being a gamer is quickly losing it's appeal anymore.

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Agree it sure can lose its appeal. Especially when playing solo. In a group it tends to have more lasting fun.

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Indeed sadly my view hasn't changed a whole lot since I first posted this topic, games still haven't improved on it's ai so I am shaking my head at the whole next gen is better when graphically I have not seen it do anything better than last gen.

This game is fun for the most part but still not close to being finished and considered past beta stage.

I cant find anyone thats interested in grouping up.