286th Highlander Dragoons are Recruiting.

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ATTENTION The 286th Highlander Dragoons Mercenary Unit is currently seeking new pilots to add to their roster. Currently we can field a full company of Mechwarriors. We are looking to expand into a second company. What we are looking for: Mature Mechwarriors with a desire for teamwork, tactics, and fun. Are you a new Mechwarrior? No problem, the 286th Highlander Dragoons will train you! We have an active training regimen every other Friday night. Not able to take the field a lot? No Problem. The 286th Highlander Dragoons have Mechwarriors that range from Casual to Hardcore. Most importantly, we are looking for pilots that want to have fun with a great group of people. About Us. We in the 286th Highlander Dragoons will defend your people from any threats for the right price. For Recruitment information, please contact Cale MacKenna or Baron001. For general information, contact any member of the 286th Highlander Dragoons, they will be more than happy to answer any questions, or visit us at http://286thhighlanderdragoons.webs.com
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If I still bothered playing this game I'd consider it, but I dont havve a mic for chatting online and dont plan on getting one possibly ever. I dont even play counter strike anymore or very rarely no point.



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No Worries.

The 286th Highlander Dragoons has a NEW website... For information about the 286th please visit us at www.286thHD.com

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Why you bother making this topic you haven't checked on it in nearly a year dude. Did you not see all the post with my name on it the fact that it's only me that hardly even comes on here anymore??? You dont even join the discussion for the game here so why would anyone care to join your clan?