A Great game, If you like Mech's!

User Rating: 8.6 | MechWarrior 3 PC
Another great game in the Mech-Warrior series! This game has many great features to it. You can choose what type of mech you want. Whether its fast but weak, or slow but powerful. It also has many different weapons to choose from. Long Range Missiles, Machine gun's, Lazers, it goes on and on.
You may be thinking that destroying different mech over and over again will get boring fast. Well your wrong! Every encounter is different. The Enemy might run up to you and unload some machine guns in your face. Or they might shoot at your legs, knocking you down. And on top of this you have three fellow teamates to command. Each with there own personality and mech's.
On top of all this, there is an online mode. Battle it out with your friends, make a clan. I recommend this came to any shooter fan!