Highly under appreciated. Well worth buying if you can still find it

User Rating: 8.9 | MechWarrior 3 PC
Honestly in this entire series, MechWarrior 3 and the expansion Pirates Moon, these two games both have come out on top of all its predecessors and the current releases in the 4th series. The great thing about MW3 is that when compared to its older brother which hit the streets only a 3 years earlier, the graphics were right on time for the evolution of visual quality in gaming. While things have a bit of that blocky look to them, I think the graphics are the least of the worries. The gameplay is fun, the mission mode is prett linear though and simple, mind you it can also be trick at times and requires some strategy. The freedom to completely customize your mechs with whatever weapons you want gives the advantage over other MechWarrior games. I found the ease of use with setting up controls on a joystick really easy too, and the controls can be really simple if you tinker with them for a while. The storyline is kind of bland, like Pirates Moon but that is not the point of the game.