Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS: 7-tsu no Shima no Daibouken Cheats For DS

  1. Oni Mode

    Beat 35 songs in Muzukashii mode.

    Contributed by: squall234 

  2. Unlocking new song

    After hitting the drum for 5000 times total, you unlock a new song, called "Classical Medley (Rock ver.)"

    Contributed by: Niiro_Matsuki 

  3. Unlockable Songs and costumes

    Play any mode to accumulate Taiko Counter, or beat adventure mode

    Code Effect
    Reach 10,000 Taiko Counter Hyaka Ryoran (White Flower) song
    Reach 30,000 Taiko Counter Kare Kano Canon song
    Beat Adventure Mode on Sweet difficulty Kabuto (Samurai Helmet) costume
    Beat Adventure Mode on Hot difficulty Yoroi (Samurai Armor) costume
    Reach 50,000 Taiko Counter Dragon Spirits Medly song
    Beat 30 songs on Easy Abekobe mode
    Beat 30 songs on Normal Doron mode
    Beat 30 songs on Hard x4 mode
    Beat 30 songs on Oni Kanpeki (Perfect) mode
    Reach 99,999 Taiko Counter Numujika ac. 10

    Contributed by: deathfisaro 

  4. Note unlocks

    Most of these unlocks are performed through the Dojo Yaburi mini-game.

    Code Effect
    Taiko Island completion Mokugyo
    Omen Island completion Kendou
    Nyan Nyan Island completion Suzu
    Ryuuguu Island completion Tsudzumi
    Meka Island completion Pucchin
    Dragon Island completion Dora
    Reach 9-Kyu in Mainichi Udedameshi Dojo mode Wata Don
    Reach 3-Kyu in Mainichi Udedameshi Dojo mode Onara
    Reach 6-Dan in Mainichi Udedameshi Dojo mode Gong
    Reach 10-Dan in Mainichi Udedameshi Dojo mode Kuizu

    Contributed by: Loserbait 

  5. Song Unlocks

    Most songs are unlocked by defeating the boss stage in the Dojo Yaburi minigame.

    Code Effect
    Reach 5000 Taiko Counter Classic Medley (Classic)
    Reach 10000 Taiko Counter Hyakkaryouran (Namco Original)
    Reach 50000 Taiko Counter Dragon Spirit Medley (Game Music)
    Reach 99999 Taiko Counter Numujika ac.10 (Namco Original)
    Defeat boss in Taiko Island Taiko Samurai (Namco Original)
    Defeat boss in Omen Island Saitama 2000 (Namco Original)
    Defeat boss in Nyan Nyan Island Ridge Racer (Game Music)
    Defeat boss in Otome Island GO GO Kitchen (Namco Original)
    Defeat boss in Ryuuguu Island Rhapsody In Blue (Classic)
    Defeat boss in Meka Island EkiBEN2000 (Namco Original)
    Defeat boss in Dragon Island Warera Muteki no Dokon Dan (Namco Original)
    Defeat final boss in Dragon Fortress Yami no Tamashii (Namco Original)

    Contributed by: Loserbait 

  6. In-Game Modification unlocks

    Play songs in the standard mode.

    Code Effect
    Pass 30 songs on Kantan (Easy) difficulty Abekobe Option
    Pass 30 songs on Futsuu (Normal) difficulty Doron Option
    Pass 30 songs on Muzukashii (Hard) difficulty Yonbai Option
    ass 30 songs on Oni (Demon) difficulty Kanpeki Option

    Contributed by: Loserbait 

  7. Koi wa Mizuiro Song Unlock

    Get this new song in the mail after getting 10-rank and the last taiko note. This was after getting the donut in the mail. You get a new unlock every 24 hours.

    Contributed by: AlphusUltimus 

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