Oh Gosh Oh gosh Oh gosh kill me now xbox360 developers I've been tainted.

Yay dynasty warriors! the seventh one? yay gundam the 6th one? Gundam IN dynasty warriors?! thats a first. It should also be a last if this continues. But instead of ranting about it's predecessors heres what the game is like.

First off Production value is off the scale! in suck. Check out the background for instance. Oh noes vast plces of copy and pasted land. Definetly no effort put into that. Character design....ok look at the opponents...count the different types at one time...oh look I see three....And overall graphics suck even for cell shading. Voice acting. When will koei EVER learn not to insult themself. I mean they might find a reason to insult the chinese in dynast warriors...(im chinese) but Gundam?! It's Anime's pride and joy! Their storyline and some characters came from the series way back when (1970-80ish?) and so only hardcore fans would understand. Better lines would also be needed as well. Also for a 360 game it sure is GRAND! i mean oh noes i see 30 enemies...theyre swarming....gahhhh....*shoots self. They should seriously EXPAND EXPAND EXPAND. If im fighting swarms of dynasty warrior enemies. I WANT GIANT SWARMS. Give me like 150 guys onscreen and let me mow em down...if combat allows it.

As how combat goes...I think its not satisfying at all. Most enemies take around 3-5 shots to kill. After your average 3 shot combo, the enemies usually fall down and you have a half second down time. this makes every repetitive 15 enemy battly last FOREVER. If you had a longer sword it could help as well not a stuby bolt of energy yeesh. Guns generally suck as you cannot spam most and do minimal damage. also clearing moves dont actually clear and mad super attacks are easy to attain but leaves no satifaction.

If you wanna pick up a fun game to hack and slash. Step on this one as you retrieve N9 ninety nine nights (or knights I forgot ;P) This game is a better hack n' slash (a best hasn't come out yet). But with a combo system that's easy to use and completely different character classes, clearing combos, fun charge moves, hundreds of enemies plus a lil lag... leaves you with satisfaction as you smite em dead. Although it also lacks enemy creativity and bland environments. But character graphics are great and bad voice acting...BUT its still better than gundam and its around 20 bucks.

So yea unless u wanna see the storyline of anything thats gundam get this game. Fun time? Not a chance in texas. So cya hopes this helped