CoD4 mod?

The game call of Duty: worl at war feels, to me, like a mod to CoD4, much like CS from Half Life. Its not a bad game, but it just feels like CoD4 set in WWII.

Good: The game is CoD4. nuf said dude. Game is alot easier than the last game. Theres a FLAMETHROWER!!!! the single player is longer than CoD4 but not by much. a total of 10 hours, roughly. Nazi Zombies. really, its great. a small tip for anyone, but dont unlock the first parts of the house until you have like 5k or more, makes killing the zobmies alot easier because they are in a small area, but if your unlock the rest of the house, more will come in since there are more windows around. also around lvl 6 and over, zombies start to run. didnt know til the 6 time i played so. yeah. Multiplayer has nothing new.

Bad: Well, its Cod4. there not much new content avaliable really. Death cards are pretty useless. You know that gun that normally kills people with one shot. not a sniper. its like a rilfe. like the ones in Day of Defeat. the one shot kill gun, well there isnt a one shot kill wepon in the game, it pretty annoying. to me. (: multiplayer has nothing new.

Its a great game, theres no doubt, but there just isnt enough new content.