One of the great stratagy games out there.

Rome Total War accomplishes something that few games do. It mixes Real-Time battles with a turn based campaign mode. To give players more options it allows you to pick a difficulty level for both the battles and the imperial campaign. So if your bad at the campaign and just wanna fight battles thats ok, you can set the campaign to easy and the battles to medium or vice versa. The graphics in Rome are some of the best ive seen in the stratagy genre. The imperial campaign map has depth to it and you actually have to manuver around rivers and moutains. To make everything more realistic, where you enter a battle on the campaign map will determine what the battle map looks like. The armies will even enter the map from the correct directions. So for example you attack an army on the other side of a bridge, the battle will probably start with you on one side of the bridge and the other army on the other. You will need a pretty good computer to play the largest battles (with the unit sizes turned up to huge, but a normal computer will do unless you wanna go extreme). The battle interface is easily learned and used, considering many commands are simply point and click. Rome contains alot of new features the previous games didnt contain. Now you can scale the castle walls with seige towers and ladders (not to mention the defenders can put men on the walls to fight you off). Getting down from the walls is easy. Just click to move your men on the ground and they'll take the staircase down. Many units can use the ladders and siege towers (one at a time) so you dont have 1 all alone inside the castle. The combat system has also greatly improved. Attacks by individual men are now syncronized so that if they slash at and kill a man, the animation will show it exactly like that. Calvary charges now look much better and it feels like they're really hitting with some momentum, instead of the last game where they would just simply hit and stop once they reached the enemy unit. Overall Rome Total War is a great game. Definately a great buy with excellent replay value in the campaign which is why i gave it such a good value rating.