this game is very good and hard too so this game is a great choice and a classic for my ps2.............................

User Rating: 8.5 | Max Payne PS2
this game is very hard and fustrating sometimes but that is just some s**t in this game. i love it. it have great chalenge great gameplay great weapens. it is a classic and deservets the game of the year. well i cant show you the story so you have to read it. the story is about max payne that is a special cop or someting well anyway. in the begining you get home and go up stairs and see your baby dead. now thats sad. anyway then you kill 3 guys that killed your family then you cry and scream NOOOOOOOOO ad then you go to a train station and more you dont want to know play it your self. the game have some rip-offs like dead to rights or something else but it is ok no one can beat max payne he is a great 3d shoter another classic from rockstar games god going rockstar games :)

lets take the old fakts

fakts: its a great game it is so good i already have the sequel and i wait for the 3 sequel it is in production i review max payne 2 after some hours or maybe days