Good cop goes mad, Max Payne is a classic mafia action game. Matrix style bullet-time makes combat very entertaining.

User Rating: 9 | Max Payne PS2
Story/Gamplay: 9.5/10
- Great story and its all laid out in comic book style windows. You play as an EX-NYPD officer who gets caught up in a drug and mafia war, things get personal and he goes out after all the head mafia leaders. Gameplay consists of many weapons to use and matrix like bullet-time. Both story and gameplay are outstanding. Game at times has a certain unseen creepiness, like the blood-trail maze was certainly creepy and a just bit annoying at times.

Environment & Immersion: 9/10
- Both maps and enviornment seem quite perfectly place with the games story. Maps have their own style and tone to each one, really shows the gritty, nasty part of the underground mafia gangs in New York. Some maps end up being more of maze like but being theres very few that do this, it adds a sense of challange through environment puzzle.

Graphics/Physics: 8.5/10
- The graphics for its time were great. Compaired to now-a-day graphics, they seem sort of dull. Regardless, the explosions and occasional environment cutscene destruction is quite fun. Very unique way to tell the story through comic strips, I really did enjoy this being it was so different and almost seems refreshing to the whole gaming realm.

Sound: 8.5/10
- Sound is really funny. All of the characters seem to play an interesting role, and the voices during the story just make it that much more entertaining. Great whitty remarks by just about everyone in the game. Weapons and explosions had pretty good sounds and worked well for its time.

Bugs, Stability & Performance: 9/10
- Game did crash once, but I'm pretty sure it had to do with my security software confliction with the game. Either way game didn't have any performace problems, when the game was released I don't remember any flaws then either.

Replay value: 8.5/10
- Game can typically be played quite a bit, even after completing the story multiple times. After many times beating it on different difficulties it may be fun for some players to use cheats for extra fun.

Value/Originality: 9.5/10
- Very original game with a very unique style of story cutscenes. Story is somewhat usual with the mafia but still seems to be distantly different from any others. The game is worth a lot more than it is commonly seen on the shelfs for.

Will this game be remembered by old school gamers as a classic after 10 years?:
- Oh definately, this game is definately remebered as a classic by most old school gamers that I know.

Who would I recommend to buy the game?:
- Action fans, this game really can be enjoyed by more than just that but as far as specifically goes anyone who likes action games or movies will love Max Payne.


Overall: 9 - Good cop goes mad, Max Payne is a classic mafia action game. Matrix style bullet-time makes combat very entertaining. This game truely has some unique and great features to the game play that really set it aside from other games.