User Rating: 2.6 | Max Payne PS2
Why do people like this? I know iknow everybody's got different tastes but c'mon. let's start with the first reason this game is rectangle heads were gone on the first playstation right? wrong. these dudes look like some sixth grader drew them and cut them out. fuzzy graphics, weird perfect triangle lighting. I digress however, there have been bad looking games that played great...this isn't one of them. everytime you move it's at a dead run. control is waaay too sensitive even with the sensitivity down. the only way you can hit dudes is by using bullet time which runs out. now I love rockstar even liked state of emergency but this? holy crap this is bad. its a big crap burger, crap souffle, crap au gratin, steam broiled crap. the story may have been good but for another cop-on-a-rampage story how good can it really be?