Rockstar was unable to cover Max Payne 3 with Bullet time

User Rating: 6 | Max Payne 3 PC
Max Payne's third installment is developed by Rockstar & not Remedy so one should be ready to adapt to the changes that have been done to the game. The review is for only single player.

For playing this game gamers should have more than 25gb space with high end specification PC.I have a decent configuration i5 processor & 1gb graphics still I had to lower down resolution to get better fps & was not able to enjoy the game graphics to the fullest.

I am a Max Payne fan that means I have already played 1&2, I had expectations from the third installment but they went up in smoke as I started playing the game.


Max Payne is a clumsy character. During fights he runs slowly like a snail. He is so fat that until he picks up the guns laying on the floor somebody kills him. Max is shown dumb in this version. He is not at all intelligent as the story progresses .He tries to figure out things what has happened in the past & how he ended up in Brazil.

They have tried their best to fill in emotions in Max Payne but its hardly recognized compared to 1&2.Max Payne in 1&2 was full with emotions (love+Pain+anger+curious) trying to figure out the truth & to get revenge.


The game has average story, no mystery as such. The main objective of Max Payne is to save a girl & protect her by the way the girl is pregnant poor girl! In Action. The story almost revolves around the rich lords in Brazil & not on Max Payne. In 1&2 the story was all about Max MAX & Max Payne!! fighting his blood-soaked battle.

Cut scenes:

From a Max Payne game I was expecting cut scenes in comic-book-style & not videos. Too many cut scenes in the game & they are boring. Apart from dialogues many of them are opening doors, gates getting cover before game-play starts. Unnecessary blurring & lighting in the cut scenes which causes headaches.


At first look, it looks exciting but after 20-25min it seems boring.

Cover System:

Why introduce cover system in Max Payne? The game lost its originality by introducing cover system. This game-play is already practiced in many games released in the past. Cover system makes the game a normal shooter (i.e. at every level you do is cover+fire).

Bullet time:

It's not that effective, Max gets hit many times in bullet time mode.Only good for aiming.


Reloading of weapons is frustrating & slow, Max does that every six seconds. The AI takes approx. 15-20 bullets to die. If bullets gets over there is no auto-switching of weapon by the time you switch the weapon manually you die. Only one gun in the game was good with 100 bullets round but after some levels Max switch backs to Pistol & our super machine guns vanish.


Really miss the old sad theme of Max Payne. They haven't much used it in the game.


The small reticule disappears often in the background. The aiming system has some shortcomings, you often die when enemies cover a 270 degrees angel [FOV] & attack at the same time.

Funny Action Scenes:

Poor Max Payne had to perform many Hollywood action stunts, shooting from Helicopter, Boat, Bus & train covering all types of transport besides those shooting incoming Missiles, grenades in slow motion. Lastly destroying an Aeroplane in the last chapter.

So to conclude there is no originality in game except for the name (title) Max Payne. Game-play of 1&2 was completely different from this version & not taking covers behind pillars desks etc. The game may top sales in Business but as a game it's just a mediocre shooting game, nothing special. This is a best example, what exactly happens when the owner of the magic lamp changes.