Bring Max Payne hair back, and his class too btw...what a waisted opportunity of a game.

User Rating: 6.5 | Max Payne 3 PC
Its an ok game, but, in my opinion, really far worse than the first two MP games, wich are much more fun to play.
Technically, aside from a few bugs (like some cut scenes not loading or the game crashing all the time on me), the game is very good, great visual and sound components, great optimization, all around almost an excelent work there.

The fail of this game, though, is that its a console shooter, with a silly boring cover mechanic that is forced on you in a lot of scenes (SPOILER: like the last scene against becker...wth was that?? just stay were the game places u and pop ur head out to kill the trillion enemies that are almost in arm reach and swarming on you).
I find this boring and frustrating, especially against enemies that can kill me very easily if i leave my head out for a second more. I prefer controlling my movements and environment.
And when this is still possible its still very satisfying to blow some jerk that wont shut up head off, really good fun. Unfortunatelly this is the exception in this installment and not the rule.

Then theres the last man standing system, that i hate, it just feels a lot like cheating to me. So, They know the game is hard so they give you a handout and even aim the gun for you to kill the dude who killed you with a single shot...lame, not satisfying at all.

And damn, Max Payne this time around is many times you have to go gun in hand calmly walking straight in front of a bunch of enemies before u learn thats a bad idea??? And when u finally have control of Max he is stuck behind some stupid small wall or something being shot at from every direction available...Thats just stupid, and frustrating to watch the idiot go and do the same thing over and over again when u just want to be in control of him and "sneaky" arrive flying in bullet time and killing half of them with head shots before landing in your spot of preference to kill the rest.

Then theres the butt load of cutscenes that are always stealing the control of the game from you and are way to long, i mean you get cutscenes to see max just opening doors...and why is he always telling the player what to do and where to go?? Annoying.

So, its an ok game, far from great, and to be honest i was expecting much better. Ill go back to playing alan wake.