Max Payne is max pain.

User Rating: 1 | Max Payne 3 X360
It's a good thing that Max Payne is a drunken alcoholic idiot because that's exactly what he feels like to control. Take all the grace of Nico Belick and smack him around the head a few times and you will have the general feel for this much overhyped game.

The story is rammed down your neck at a pace that is beyond a joke, mission failures in the first mission are common because you simply have no idea what you're supposed to be doing. Overly long cut scenes that drag on are common place throughout the game until you get to the next exactly the same fire fights.

Just about every battle in this game plays exactly like the first, and if you were not impressed by the first (I wasn't) then you going to have a bad time. Enemies are ridiculous to kill requiring up to 3 head shots to put down. Sluggish movement of the main character because the game expects you to use "bullet time" in just about every fight feels wrong, Max moves with all the grace of a lobotomized shoe and the animations to get in and out of cover take long enough for you to die.

A tiny white dot for a reticule? Whoever came up with this idea needs shooting, in a slow motion scene of explosions and crap flying everywhere your little white dot is lost in the background, good luck trying to hit stuff if you can't see where you're aiming. Ooops turn on the target lock, a modern shooter with a target lock? Mashing the left trigger simply picks out your target for you and over.

I unfortunately fell for the hype, most reviews gave this game a score close to perfect but I for one can't see it. The graphics are so-so, nothing spectacular but adequate, the motion of the main character is horrid. He's slow and clumsy and is actually a chore rather than a pleasure to control, the over reliance on bullet time and slow motion leaps to mix up the overly dull gun fights. The drunken man cut scenes that could have been halved and no one would have missed a thing. Carbon fibre heads on enemies...

I really tried to like this game, but I can't. It's not worth playing if, like me, you turn off the auto aim function. Then all you get for gameplay is mash left trigger, leap in slow motion, take cover...rinse and repeat.

I have a real problem with this game....I paid good money for it.